If you have questions about how the Sheriff’s Office handles civil processes you can contact our civil officer Deputy Scott Gordon at (336) 593-2811 ext. 1383 or email him at


The Stokes County Sheriff’s Department serves all civil processes issued by the Clerk of Superior Court. All civil summons, magistrate summons, foreclosures, child support papers, and other civil orders are served by our patrol division. The cost for serving a civil paper is $30.00 per process per person to be served. There is no cost for Ex Parte Domestic Violence Orders or 50B orders.

To inquire about service you can call our office at (336) 593-8787 and they will be able to advise you if the paper is served or not.

Advanced civil papers such as Writs of Executions, Claim and Deliveries, and Writs of Possessions are served by our civil officer Corporal Scott Gordon.

Executions do authorize the Sheriff to be able to levy on property and sell it at a Sheriff’s auction. The property cannot just be turned over to the plaintiff.  There is an advanced funds requirement for the Sheriff to levy on property. For each vehicle towing and storage fees are required and to levy on a tract of land it is approximately $800.00 per tract depending on how long the description is, but it could be more.

Click her for more information on the eviction process. 

For additional information about civil you may want to explore the Stokes County Clerk’s webpage.