Family & Children Health Services

Medicaid and Health Choice Programs
Medicaid is a federal program designed to assist families and children with the cost of health care.  Health Choice is North Carolina’s free or low-cost health insurance plan for children ages 6-18 whose families cannot pay for private insurance and who do not qualify for Medicaid.

Medicaid also offers assistance to the uninsured with breast and cervical cancer.  Other programs offered are Medicaid for pregnant women, family planning Medicaid, and emergency Medicaid for undocumented aliens.

Automatic Newborn Coverage
The medical needs of an infant is met through Medicaid at the time the baby is born.  After delivery, a child is entitled to Medicaid coverage for expenses incurred in labor and delivery, and all covered medical expenses through the month the child turns one year old.

Medicaid for Families With Dependent Children (MAF)
The medical needs of certain low-income families are met through the MAF program.  Families may also be eligible for Medicaid under this category when both parents are in the home.

Medicaid for Foster Children & Children In Adoptive Homes
We are able to meet the medical needs of children who are in foster care or adoptive homes.

Medicaid for Infants and Children
Through the Medicaid for Infants and Children (MIC) program, medical needs for infants and children within a certain age range, & who meet income criteria, are met through the Medicaid program.

The income limits under MIC are higher than the MAF limits, and there are no reserve limits for this program.  In addition, children who qualify for assistance under this program can receive Medicaid without meeting a deductible.

Medicaid for Pregnant Women
We can provide Medicaid to help with the cost of prenatal and postpartum care, up to 60 days following termination of pregnancy, either due to delivery or miscarriage.  Must meet eligibility requirements.

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