Flash Floods

FlashFloodsCarFlash floods usually result from intense storms dropping large amounts of rain within a brief period where the ground is already saturated or the rain is so heavy it immediately runs off. Flash floods occur with little or no warning and can reach full peak in only a few minutes. Flooding in Stokes County has been common. Those at risk are located in low-lying areas, near water, or downstream from a dam. 

Flood waters are extremely dangerous, the force of 6 inches of water can knock someone from their feet and the force 2 feet of water can sweep cars away.

A flood watch indicates that flash flooding is possible within the designated watch area—be alert. It is issued to inform the public and cooperating agencies that current and developing weather conditions are such that there is a threat of flooding, but the occurrence is neither certain or imminent. A flash flood or flood warning indicates that flash flooding or flooding is already occurring or imminent within the designated warning area—take necessary precautions at once. When a flash flood or flood warning is issued for your area, act quickly

Flood Safety

  • Get out of areas subject to flooding and avoid areas subject to sudden flooding.
  • Never try to walk, swim or drive through flood waters.
  • Do not attempt to drive over a flooded road. STOP! Turn Around and Don’t Drown. 
  • Keep children from playing in floodwaters or near culverts and storm drains