Pet Food- If you need assistance with pet food, contact the Francisco Food Pantry at 336-351-0900.

Spay and Neuter- It is important that ANY outside female cats be spayed at 4 months of age to avoid
overpopulation. A female cat can have up to 4 litters in a year! Visit: to learn more
about spaying outside feral cats. For more general information on spaying and neutering dogs and
cats, visit

Stokes county residents- Spay Stokes offers financial assistance to residents for cats and dogs to be
spayed and neutered. Call 336-971-2963 or visit their website at:

Friends of Stokes Shelter- Animal Adoption Center – Call 336-914-9270 or visit their
website at:

Financial Assistance for pet emergencies- 

FurEver Friends – The Rico Fund

Red Rover-

Sergei Foundation-